We give life to a new project


Davide selection is borned when some years ago we bought our eight awotment in Treviso province, maybe for you seem only a coincidence, but for me thet the number 8 is inside my name is not a change for this reason i wanted to get to the bottom, of the meaning of the n°8 this is what i found: 

The n°8 is the symbol of infinity, symbol of success of welfare is the first step of a new adventure.

For some people the n°8 is sacred and is rappresented with some divinity.

In the past was associated to the royalty to the energy of the life that realize dreams ...very fascinating... I must to think a new project... an unique project a selection of my best products obvious.

If you take a look at the labels you can see a mandala of 8, the mandala is an universal symbol, is used to recover blance of mind and spritual wellness and we thought was the perfect way to share it with you the choice of the wines was easy to do: we used historical grapes of our area autochthonous wines for giving more value to the products so now are you a little bit curious of them?