IGT Marca Trevigiana


A table set with many glasses is the prelude to evening filled with laughter and friendship on red stained lips 

Organoleptic characteristics

Rubin red.

vinous, intense, quite herbaceous and with a hint of red fruit and raspberry.

very pleasant, harmonious and characteristic.

serving at 18°C.

Serving suggestions:
lively wine, excellent when matched with roasted meat, poultry, venison and ages cheeses.

Technical characteristics
Grape vine Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc
Growing area Province of Treviso
Height of the vine yard 40 m. above sea level
Land conditions loos, slightly calcareous
Cultivation Method Sylvoz
Vinification destemming and crushing.
alcoholic fermentation with the skins for 6/8 days at controlled temperature.
at the end of fermentation pressing to separate wine from grape skins.
the wine ages in steel tanks for one year at least.
the wine is bottled and then left to age in a conditioned warehouse for a few months
Maturation end of September – beginning of October
Chemical characteristics
Total acidity 5.30 g/l
Alcohol 12 % vol.
Resiude sugar 4 g/l
Total extract 20 g/l
Free 30 mg/l
In total 135 mg/l
PH 3.5
Packaging characteristics
Bottle Bordolese decò
Cork Stelvin
Package 6 Bottles
Pallet 84 Cartons